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Lets Dance - Part 1 Araneae

I've been very interested in these dancing spider videos that have been surfacing online - the spiders are incredibly colorful and have these intricate, detailed dances.  I am so intrigued I've decided to learn more about them and share some info on spiders.  We'll break down a little taxonomy - it wont be overwhelming I promise - and then we'll dive into these adorable groovy spiders.  I'm sure we'll all learn a thing or two today!   These little guys are Maratus volans, a species in the peacock spider genus.  When I say little I mean it - They're tiny!!  These peacock spiders are within the jumping spider family.  The jumping spider family is THE largest family of spiders with over 5,000 described species. I'm not usually a big arachnid person.. I'm a little scared when I encounter a big spider in my basement... but as a class of animal I think they're fascinating.  So lets break down the arachnids just a little before we dive i

New Post Coming Soon!

Get ready to learn some basic taxonomy, and characteristics of everyones favorite furry friends.... spiders!! Just kidding, I know they're not a favorite. But they are very interesting.  We'll get into some fun tidbits on what makes a spider a spider, and how and why they dance!  Till the post is ready enjoy this spider.. with a "hat".